Poppin Toffee Radio Flyer Wagon - Stocked and ready to fly!

It's Official. Poppin Toffee's Gone Digital!

To live is to change. To grow is to adapt and move forward.

Next month will mark the one year anniversary of the beginning of Poppin Toffee.

Poppin Toffee Birthed in a Garage. The legendary start of many great American businesses.
Poppin Toffee Original Garage Production Facility - Packaging Equipment

It was shortly before Father's Day in 2023 that we went from being an idea of a company, from a nagging thought, and from an experiment to a full on passionate pursuit. From a desire to a baby that had been brought into the world.


Poppin Toffee original production line in my garage
Poppin Toffee Original Garage Production Facility - Production Table

Just as a baby goes through many stages before, during, and after taking that first breath, so has this quirky little company that joyfully produces treats that excite the eyes and dance on the tongue.


Poppin Toffee O.G. Essential Pop up close picture.
Poppin Toffee's First Product - Essential Pop. Later given the nickname O.G.

Just as a newborn excites the hearts and mind of family, friends, and even passers by; so too have we felt the embrace of the many well wishers who have taken the opportunity to share in this dogged pursuit of bringing smiles to more and more faces.


Lee Messersmit Avid Poppin Toffee Supporter
Lee Messersmit - Huge Poppin Toffee Supporter

You have given your ideas. You have shared your concerns. You have told us when we missed the mark. Just as you have opened your wallets to support us when we hit it. For this, we want to say thank you to all of our many customers across central Florida who have allowed us to come into your homes and businesses in that old school door to door way of selling.


Poppin Toffee little red Radio Flyer Wagon loaded and ready to go out and sell.
Poppin Toffee Radio Flyer wagon - Stocked and ready to fly!
Poppin Toffee's First Event - Selling at the 2024 Lakeland Swan City Jazz Festival
Poppin Toffee's Current Production Facilities Inside Catapult Lakeland
#1 AKA Mom - Poppin Toffee's First Investor and Employee

We have enjoyed meeting you in person and getting the direct and honest feedback that is missing in so much of the way that business is done nowadays. There were many days where your support and encouragement made the difference that kept us moving forward. Know that you are appreciated and cherished. In future posts we will highlight many of you who are part of the Poppin Toffee story, because without you this first birthday would not be a reality.

As things go, now we must change in order to grow. Which leads me to the other point of this post. From now until the near future we are shifting our efforts online to cast to a wider net. No pun intended.


Moving to online selling and promotion will increase our efficiency while also reducing some of our costs and freeing up some valuable time. Which in  turn will also allow for us to fulfill some of the other promises that we have been telling you about. Stay tuned for some exciting new additions to the Poppin Toffee product lineup.


There are also some very exciting improvements that are in the works for our brand that we know you will enjoy. We will be adding new team members to ensure that you continue to receive the luxury service and attention that you deserve. In addition, we are working with very qualified and capable partners to grow and expand our production ability, quality standards, and brand image and appeal.

Simply stated... The baby is growing. Thank you so much for coming to the party.

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