Beginning in Lakeland, Florida in late 2022, Poppin Toffee is an interesting mix of excitement and creativity where your enjoyment is Our Passion.

We lovingly craft (only) the Finest All Natural Ingredients into scrumptious morsels of gourmet butter toffee that excite your eyes and delight your palette.

If spending months & countless hours in a humble garage that ranged from 50 to 100 plus degrees perfecting our unique toffee recipe is a sign of future success then we are definitely off to a great start.

If traveling thousands of miles back and forth across central Florida testing and retesting our recipes while making lots of new friends and impacting lives is a sign of future love and respect for our brand, then we are on the right track.

If hearing hundreds of suggestions to go on Shark Tank, and well wishes, and testimonials, are a sign of the excitement and encouragement that we want to represent, then we are making an impact.

If our hundreds of in-person sales & reviews are any indication, we know that you will feel the same.

Accepted within Lakeland's amazing Catapult entrepreneur community since December of 2023, we have been Blessed with benefit of industry leading help and support that is the stuff of dreams. Now we are utilizing their many resources to improve every area of Poppin Toffee with the goal of becoming a world class company, and great community member to the people of Lakeland and the surrounding areas.

Combining our love for toffee, creativity and serving others, we see Poppin Toffee as an opportunity to invest in the lives of our customers and their families, our business partners, and our local community to the Glory of God.

Thank you for visiting our About Us page. Please feel free to reach out to us. We will love to speak with you.