Poppin Toffee Essential Toffee

Poppin Toffee - Buttery Sweetness So Good It's Poppin! Picture

Poppin Toffee Essential Toffee... For the Purist.

Not hidden under chocolate! Not covered with nuts. Definitely not a tasteless medium chemically engineered to be cheap and effortless, or a similitude of the real thing.

Bare... Naked... and definitely NOT AFRAID!

The Essential Toffee (Only from Poppin Toffee) is real, rich and buttery. It is the star of the show.

Unlike most mass market toffee like candies, real gourmet butter toffee is unique in the world of confectionery treats. Simply stated it is the combining of butter, sugar and spices into a delicious candy. It sounds simple, but crafting it correctly takes dedication, commitment, practice, patience and attentiveness to get it right. 

We craft our Essential Toffee with our own special blend of high quality all natural ingredients. Together, they elevate and deepen the flavors to create a truly unique offering that stands on its own far apart from the crowd.

It is our essence, our signature, our foundation that makes us different. Hence the name.

Essential Toffee & Essential Pop... For the purist toffee connoisseur.