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Poppin Toffee

O.G. White Chocolate & Sea Salt Pop

O.G. White Chocolate & Sea Salt Pop

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Poppin Toffee White Chocolate & Sea Salt Pop...

Rich Butter Toffee, Light & Crispy Popcorn, Decadent White Chocolate & Savory Himalayan Pink Sea Salt - A Perfect Combination!

Ribbons of white chocolate... Lighty sprinkled with fine Himalayan pink sea salt... Caressing Poppin Toffee's trademark Essential Pop. What more should be said?

Designed specifically for our customers who requested to have our Poppin Toffee Essential Pop adorned with their favorite Chocolate WITHOUT NUTS our White Choclate & Sea Salt Pop will have your tastebuds begging for more.

Revel in the ribbons of creamy and sweet white chocolate delicately enhanced by the subtle addition of just the right amount of fine Himalayan pink sea salt. Both sitting atop of our amazing Essential Pop. Which is comprised of our Poppin Toffee Essential Toffee generously lavished on the finest all natural air popped popcorn.

So Chocolatey. So Buttery Sweet & Salty. So Crispy & Crunchy... We GUARANTEE your satisfaction!

Poppin Toffee Pop(s) are the tastiest, freshest and most visually appealing toffee popcorn that you will ever eat!

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