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Poppin Toffee

Lite Milk Chocolate & Pecan Pop

Lite Milk Chocolate & Pecan Pop

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Poppin Toffee Lite Milk Chocolate & Pecan Pop... You Can Believe it... 

Does "diet" or "low & less calories" really mean that you have to divorce your taste buds and live without the signature tasty buttery sweetness of Poppin Toffee's amazing Essential Toffee Pops?

Picture creamy smooth milk chocolate... Generous heaps of roughly chopped roasted and salted pecans... Adorning Poppin Toffee's trademark Lite Essential Pop.

Building on our already amazing Poppin Toffee Essential Pop, the Milk Chocolate & Pecan Pop is the new standard of gourmet luxuriousness.

Designed for the calorie conscious dessert connoisseur, Poppin Toffee Lites feature almost 50% less sugar and sodium than the O.G. without the use of artificial or non traditional sweeteners. Where the O.G. features the thickest coat of genuine butter toffee found on popcorn, the Lite takes a dynamically different approach to your enjoyment. When crafting the Lite we determined to create the richest and most flavorful toffee popcorn on the market that could be made with real sugar, organic butter, and ONLY natural or organic ingredients and total 100, or less, calories per serving.

Poppin Toffee Lites are a refreshing and rewarding alternative to traditional diet food. Enjoyed by purist connoisseurs, true foodies, dieters, calorie counters and those that indulge and invest in their relationships with their taste buds alike.

So Light. So Chocolatey. So Buttery Sweet & Salty. So Crispy & Crunchy... We GUARANTEE your satisfaction!

Poppin Toffee Pop(s) are the tastiest, freshest and most visually appealing toffee popcorn that you will ever eat!

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