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Poppin Toffee

O.G. Nutty Essential Pop

O.G. Nutty Essential Pop

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Poppin Toffee Nutty Essential Pop... For the true nut lover...

A treasure you would happily fight off an army of squirrels to get... Generous portions of whole & half salty roasted Almonds, Walnuts & Pecans, luxuriously wrapped in our amazing Poppin Toffee Essential Toffee... Adorning Poppin Toffee's trademark Essential Pop.

What sets the "Nutty" (as our community calls it) apart from our other Pop's is that the nutty goodness is cooked into our Essential Toffee for a richer, nuttier, more savory flavor in every bite.

Delight your senses in the rich natural buttery, earthy flavors that arise from our special process of bringing Almonds, Walnuts & Pecans together at a high temperature for a precise amount of time. Transforming our trademark Essential Toffee into the equally amazing Nutty Essential Toffee which is then gloriously lavished on the finest light and airy all natural air popped popcorn. The Nutty Essential Pop is a nut lovers dream!

So Buttery, Sweet & Salty. So Crispy & Crunchy... We GUARANTEE your satisfaction!

Poppin Toffee Pop(s) are the tastiest, freshest and most visually appealing toffee popcorn that you will ever eat!

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